The British Martinist Order (BMO) enables men and women to take a carefully guided journey of self-discovery.  This allows for a greater understanding of life, a wider perception of life’s possibilities and how we choose to respond.

The BMO is one manifestation of the Martinist tradition. It is a mystical initiatic order open to all without regard to gender, race or religion.  The work of the Order takes place within a ritual setting and therefore members need to be able to attend group meetings.

Martinism is a path that balances the knowledge of the heart with philosophical enquiry. It uses the language and symbolism of alchemy, Kabbalah and Christian mysticism. 

Members of the British Martinist Order strive for re-integration of the body, soul and spirit. We believe in an Ultimate Divine Principle (God, the Source, the Creator, whatever name you wish to use). We strive for awareness of and awakening to a personal knowledge and experience of the Divine in all things. We believe the betterment of society depends upon the development of each individual.