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Recommended reading

Some of the books mentioned in this section may not always reflect the philosophy and views of the BMO but are listed here to provide food for thought. What should be sought after is not simply the accumulation of encyclopaedic knowledge, but an expansion of the mind resulting from trying to understand the challenging ideas contained in some writings.

Esoteric fiction

Author Book title
Algernon Blackwood John Silence
The Human Chord
Joan Grant Winged Pharoah
Return to Elysium
So Moses was Born
Eyes of Horus
Lord of the Horizon
Scarlet Feather
Life as Carola
Dion Fortune The Goat Foot God
The Secrets of Doctor Taverner
The Demon Lover
The Winged Bull
The Sea Priestess
Moon Magic
Elisabeh Haich Initiation
Zev ben Shimon Halevi The Anointed
Maria Szepes The Red Lion


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